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Life Assurance

Do you want peace of mind knowing your family will be taken care of if the worst were to happen? Our Life Cover delivers just that, with options to cover a range of client's needs.  We offer single and joint Life Cover as well as increasing, decreasing or level cover. 

Relevant Life Policy - for companies and LLP's

If you own a small business there’s a smarter way to buy life cover for yourself and your key employees. Remember, this is based on our understanding of current tax law which could change in the future.  With a relevant life policy the business makes the payments, not the person who’s covered. That means you won’t pay any national insurance contributions or income tax on the premiums but you still get the benefits of corporation tax relief.

Income Protection

Have you considered how you’d pay the bills if you were too ill to work for a while? Ill health can happen to anyone, any time. In fact, every year almost a million people in the UK suffer an injury or a serious illness that means they can’t work for a month or more. Income protection could provide you with an income if you’re too ill to work.  

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) in the UK provides access to high-quality private medical facilities and medical treatments, at a time and place to suit you. It also plays an equally important role in helping fund the cost of early diagnosis and treatment of acute conditions. This could be anything from a few sessions of physiotherapy, to more complex procedures such as major heart surgery or biological therapy for the treatment of cancer.  

Critical Illness Cover

We all dream of winning the lottery. But what are your odds when it comes to critical illness?  Unfortunately, the chances of critical illness striking close to home are higher than you think.  We’re all natural optimists, but even just a little bit of cover could make your finances less of a gamble. 

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